Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

You will not have my hate!

You will not have my fear!

And you will most certainly will not stop me living my life!

Here is my light in all this darkness

You only have power over people when there is fear and you shall not have my fear, you know what came of you trying to cause fear?? 

·         #RoomsforManchester started trending normal people who lived nearby offering their houses to support those affected
·         Local shops supplying food and drink to emergency services
·         Local people supplying the emergency services with food and drink
·         Local businesses and bars stayed open to offer free hot drinks and shelter to anyone affected
·         Taxis giving people free rides to wherever they need to go
·         Different religious groups coming together
·         People gathering as many people as they could to safe locations
·         Social media being used to locate loved ones and people sharing pictures to help families and friends locate the missing
·         Go fund me pages popped up to give support to the families affected (£739,630 raised of £750,000 target by 30287 supporters
·         Blood donors being turned away as too many people are trying to donate
·         Social media being filled with messages of hope, love and people standing up to hate
·         Thousands of people supporting vigils 
·         Monuments around the world showing solidarity
·         Paula Robinson
·         Chris Parker and Steve Jones
·         Kim and Phil Dick
·         John Endsor

This is a little piece of hope amongst all this tragedy and death

Rest in peace to those who have tragically lost their lives

Feel free to judge me for looking for a light but I truly believe in my heart that if we only focus on the hate and the bad we allow them to win, we are stronger together.

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